Equipment Leasing.

Rapid Approvals.

Flexible Payment Plans.

BHL Capital Specializes In Equipment Leasing. We have been in business since 1992 facilitating “A” and “B” risk leasing for small to large companies. We are a full service leasing company focusing on service, rapid approvals and a wide variety of flexible payment plans.

Customers and Vendors

We typically deal with both customers and vendors, and aim to provide equipment leasing services that are both easy to understand, and extremely efficient. Currently, a large majority of Canadian businesses lease at least one piece of equipment, with 95% of those saying they would lease again. This is the value equipment financing provides.

New and Used Equipment

We can finance both new and used equipment of almost any type. You simply select the equipment, vendor, and negotiate the best price, we’ll take it from there. Or, we can approve a lease credit line for your company or customer in advance, so you can shop with the confidence of “money in your pocket.”

Business Growth

Leasing offers real advantages including better value, more convenience and greater control. In most cases, the full amount of the equipment, as well as the service, shipping, installation costs and maintenance can be included in the lease. This spreads the cost out evenly over the term of the lease freeing up your money to work harder for you.